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10 Surprising Hot Spots For Software Developer Jobs in the United States

There is a growing shortage of software developers in cities across America, giving technologists new opportunities beyond Silicon Valley or New York City. The index also found that 92% of job listings still list a specific location in the job description despite the recent move toward remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 Tips for Landing the Raise You Deserve in 2021

Heading into the end of the year, it is normal for technologists to start thinking about their annual reviews and their next raise. But 2020 is far from a normal year. Many companies have put performance reviews on hold, while others have given individual managers much more discretion when it comes to incentive and bonus payouts. Employers are planning modest pay increases of 2.8 percent for all employees in 2021, according to Willis Towers Watson..

Best Tips to Land a Startup Job Straight Out of College

Finding ideal candidates for new software startups is more an art than a science, so job candidates should understand how investors and entrepreneurs think about hiring. In addition to having excellent academic backgrounds and demonstrated domain expertise, candidates who stand out must have the interpersonal skills necessary to explain complex ideas. The competition to land a role in a cutting-edge startup is high, especially in the current economic environment.

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