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Tips For Changing Careers Multiple Times

Working in different fields and industries can enrich your career in many different ways, especially when it comes to expanding your network and opening up new leadership opportunities. However, it is important to keep in mind that each career change should be strategic in nature. Whether you are changing job descriptions or shifting to an entirely new industry, you need to make sure that the knowledge and skills you gain will help you reach your ultimate professional goals.

Should You Apply For the Role?

The job hunt is complicated enough without scores of fraudulent postings floating around the Internet. Job scams are, unfortunately, all too common in the tech world, as many bad actors will post listings or contact candidates under the guise of representing some of the most recognizable brands and companies in the tech sector. The consequences of falling prey to these types of schemes can range from merely wasting your valuable job-hunting time to having your money or identity stolen. Fortunately, there are some indicators that a trained eye can quickly spot.

Five Creative Ways to Improve Your Resume

Hiring managers have only a limited amount of time to spend perusing CVs when filling a role. As a result, your resume is going to get no more than about 30 seconds of review time on the initial pass, so you need to make this time count. There are some simple but effective design tips to help your resume stand out in the stack.

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