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Where AI Jobs Are Exploding in Number

Within the U.S., just four states dominate the demand for machine learning, data science and AI-related skills: California, Washington, New York and Massachusetts. But, as the cost of living skyrockets in many of these popular tech hubs, demand for AI talent is rapidly picking up steam in five other states: Colorado, Utah, Virginia, Texas and Arizona.

5 Best Entry-Level Tech Jobs

For recent graduates looking to get a jump on a great career, there are five entry-level tech jobs that provide an abundance of opportunities, including computer support specialist, web developer, database administrator, software developer and information security analyst. In some cases, these positions pay six-figure annual incomes, and often come with a host of workplace perks.

The Top Soft Skills You Need to Improve Your Career

Soft skills like being a good coach, communicating and listening well, being a good critical thinker and being able to make connections across complex ideas appear to be more important for long-term career success than traditional STEM skills. Despite this fact, many IT professionals focus primarily on developing their technical skills in order to improve and advance their careers. While hard skills are important, organizations today are looking for professionals that possess strong soft skills as well.

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