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Maximizing Your Technology Salary and Opportunity in 2021

If you are driven by the prospect of outsized compensation, make a point of pursuing hot in-demand skills such as machine learning or AI that relatively few technologists have mastered. For highly skilled, in-demand roles such as data architect, cloud engineer, and DevOps engineer, the salary premium is often quite high. Best of all, your specialization within your chosen field will mean that you will have lots of job opportunities so long as you keep your skills up-to-date.

Being a Data Scientist Could Be Rewarding in 2021

With the exploration, analysis, modeling, and generation of meaningful information from data a new business priority, organizations are prioritizing the hiring of data scientists. In order to analyze this data and generate ROI, these organizations need talented data scientists, data engineers, and AI engineers to turn that potential into real opportunities. Yet, there is a shortage of skilled resources. There are two types of talent deficits: data scientists, who can perform analytics and analytics consultants, who can understand and use data. The talent supply for these job titles is extremely scarce, and the demand is enormous.

How AI is Helping Top Tech Talent Connect With the Best Opportunities

In the new hiring environment of remote work, AI is playing an important role in helping organizations hire top talent. As a result, focus is shifting to the impact of artificial intelligence on hiring practices. What used to be a slow-moving corporate technology space is now a booming market of HR cloud solutions to address the needs for the future of work. Most importantly, AI is helping companies find the best fit for skills within a chosen career path.

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